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Publisher Lookup UK

Many people find it difficult to access the world of books. Whether through dyslexia, visual impairment or motor difficulties, thousands of ‘would be’ readers are destined to be ‘unable to’ readers. However, commonplace technologies can transform access to books. Where librarians and publishers work together to provide digital copies to disabled users, magnification, colour change, keyboard access and text to speech can transform the reading experience giving genuine independence to the user.

This site is designed to benefit two groups -

  1. educationalists seeking to source electronic formats of textbooks for students with disabilities, and
  2. publishers seeking to respond in a timely and effective manner to such requests. If you are from a publisher and would like your details to be added to this site please download this template and return the details to helpdesk@techdis.ac.uk with the subject line Publisher Lookup UK.

The three key aims of this site are

  • to make it easier to find key contact details for publishers
  • to make it easier for publishers to ensure enquiries get to the right department in the right timescale.
  • to signpost supporting information and good practice with regard to accessible documents in an educational context.

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